Hi, I'm Dee!

During my childhood summers, my sister, my cousins and I, would pair up and take turns, spending a week or two with my grandmom in her Southwest Philly home. It was during my summer visit, when I was about 7 years old, when my grandmom started to teach me how to sew. She taught me all the basics, all her secret self taught tricks and taught me when you couldn’t figure something out, how to look it up in the Better Homes and Garden Sewing Book. From the ages of 9-12, I took a series of lessons at the Singer Sewing Company store, that was located in my hometown mall. At the end of each session a fashion show and contest was held.  When I was 11 and 12 years old, I won both competitions, beating out the teenagers in the class! The blue suede, white fur-lined coat that I had made when was 12 years old, was even sent to NYC to be judged in their regional competition! 

In 2016 my daughter and I were having a hard time finding her prom dress in her favorite color, PERIWINKLE.  Then one day, she came across her diamond in the rough gown at Goodwill! It was the perfect periwinkle color, but definitely lacked 2016 style. It was then that she asked if I would drag out my sewing machine that had been in hiding for quite some time.  She shared her vision, and I worked the Fairy Godmother magic to transform this outdated 1990’s prom dress into her Cinderella dream dress. She shared her dress’ transformation journey with her friends. Soon they were asking me to help them with their alterations and visions they wanted for their own dream dresses. And that was the start of PERIWINKLE CREATIONS BY DEE!

Today, I am sewing everyday for my customers, enjoying every project whether its just a simple repair, wedding dress creation or repurposing clothing of a loved one into a pillow or teddy bear to snuggle. I take pride in my meticulous attention to detail and my confidence in tackling challenging unique projects. I don’t limit myself to the ordinary, so if you have an idea, just ask!